Day 321: The Ten Best Ways to Power Your Boat

The Ten Best Ways To Power Your Boat
Matt Zurbo


Here are the Ten Best Ways to Power Your Boat!
(Two kids with small bathtub they have rigged up like a boat. One kid in homemade pirate outfit. Image small with large, white background.)

1. Hippopotamus.
(Fat hippo hanging onto back of boat, almost sinking it, kicking with hind legs.)

2. Lasso.
(One kid steering, other throwing a lasso around an octopus, who’s head is out of the water.)

3. Egg beaters!
(Boy and girl furiously working egg beaters at back of boat.)

4. Farts.
(Girl putting bum over end of boat into water. Boy holding nose.)

5. Feathers!
(Boat being pulled/lifted by flying birds on strings.)

6. Hot air.
(Boat is like a basket for a hot air balloon.)

7. Storm God.
(Boat, tiny, in palm of smiling, huge storm god.)

8. Wind.
(Boat with sail. Kids red-faced, blowing into it.)

9. Whale.
(Boat tied to back of giant whale.)

10. Who cares?
(Kids in boat, lazily fishing. Going nowhere.)

Top Ten Types of Dragon.
(Blank page. Just text.)

(All following images on the same page.)

(Peeking out from behind kid.)
(Talking the ear off small kid.)
(Breathing fire. Kid frying sausage in fire.)
(Kid and dragon laying back in field, watching the moon.)
(Dragon, angry, roaring at startled pug.)
(Many colours, holding a frilly umbrella.)
Three headed.
(All sleeping. Kid looking down, poking one with a stick.)
(Wearing sunglasses. Beatbox beside it.)
(Paper dragon, propelled by Chinese people.)
(Dragon lazing in hammock.)

Top Ten Reasons for Not Doing Your Homework
(Blank page. Just text.)

1. My dragon ate it! (Of course!)
(Dragon with paper in mouth.)

2. It got stuck in a tree.

3. Relax, I’ll do it yesterday, tomorrow. I just have to build my time machine first.
(Kid with goggles on, hunched in bath full of machinery and steam.)

4. I was busy saving the world!
(Kid lying in grass, happily watching a bee.)

There were six more reasons, but my dragon ate them, sorry.
(Dragon’s tail leaving frame. One half burnt piece of homework in the air.)

Top Ten Ways to Fall In Love
(Blank page.)

(All images on same page.)

(Kid falling through air.)
2. Trip.
(Kid tripping through air.)
3. Stumble.
(Kid stumbling through air.)
4. Flop.
(Kid flopping onto back, contently.)
5. Flutter.
(Kid, feet flapping, as if flying, hands under chin, content smile.)
6. Sploosh.
(Kid tumbling into water.)
7. Melt.
(Kid flopping again, but forward this time.)
8. Crash.
(Kid crashing into pole, arms either side of it.)
9. Sigh.
(Kid drifting to ground like a leaf.)
10…. at their feet.
(Boy, flowers in hand, lying in a mess at feet of confused girl.)

Top Ten Pets
(Blank page, just text.)

(All on same page.)

1. A talking rocket!
2. 23 pugs.
3. A crocodile.
(Kid with croc on lead. Bully with slingshot backing off.)
4, A Spointy Spoodle.
(Girl brushing a tiny bird-like creature with long, fluffy streams of fluffy feathers everywhere.)
5, A clone.
(Two kids staring ahead blankly, each other holding the other on a lead.)
6. A wombat!
(Kid, clasping hands, eyes rolling back in delight, love heart escaping head. Wombat running away from them.)
7. A rockstar.
(Kid, deadpan, holding a lead with a rock star, deadpan, on the end of it.)
8. A giant deep-sea crab.
(Kid riding a giant crab, delivering newspapers.)
9. A Gazoop!
(Kid hugging the leg of a tall, weird, cute furry creature.)
10. A balloon.
(Kid contently holding a balloon.)

Top Ten Reasons, Places and Times to Dance
(Blank page. Just text.)

Any reason!
Any Place!
Any time!
(One page. Ten images of ten kids doing very different dances.)
(Kid dancing in front of baffled parents.)
(Kid dancing happily on own.)
(Kid dancing with other kid.)
(Kid swing dancing with gorilla.)
(Kid dancing on top of earnest looking dragon head.)
(Arabic kid happily dancing.)
(Two kids dancing at a bus stop.)
(Group of kids slam dancing.)
(One kid shadow-waltzing.)
(Two kids outdoors. One on rock, other on ground, both doing the twist.) 

Top Ten Ways to Be Amazing!
(Blank page, just text.)

Build your own sports car!
(Two kids building a billycart.)

Create your own fantasy…
(Girl writing in book. Elf and dragon curled around, watching her do so, as are fairies.)

Be a wombat!

(Two kids in wooden crate done up like rocket, looking through telescope at stars.)

Draw your own cards…
(Badly drawn giant monster with big mouth and teeth about to eat Dad. Happy Birthday Dad!)

Befriend a dragon.
(Kid doing skateboard tricks, while dragon casually watches.)
Don’t try to own it, or fight it.
Just listen to it tell a story or two.

Make your own costume.
(Kid in homemade dragon costume. Wombat sitting under a tree.)

Ask ‘Why?’ a lot.
(Kid, twenty small talk balloons, each one carrying; “Why?”)

Like; “If the Earth is spinning, why don’t we fall off?”
(Kid, Mum and Dad tumbling through space.)

Some questions may not even have real answers, but ask them anyway;
“Why are flowers so brilliant…?”
(Kid surrounded by flowers.)

DO lots of stuff!
(Kid on skateboard, holding a kite, guitar around neck, passing other kid on uni cycle, holding a banjo, while watering a plant. Other kid doing puppet show. Other kid dancing.)

ALWAYS use your imagination…!
(Kid, wearing goggles and snorkel, braced to jump on down side of plank of wood with wedge under middle of it. Gorilla with umbrella falling towards up end.)

Grow things.
(Kid in superhero costume planting a tree.)

Write and draw something with Mum and Dad!
A book.
A game.
A song…
(Mum, biting tongue in concentration, playing pots and pans like drums, kid singing. Dad playing mop like a guitar.) 

Do your own Top 10 Amazing list… (Even if it goes to 14!)
(Pen poised over paper.)

… then live it!
(Just text.)


The End.


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