Bonus 4: There’s a Dragon In the Moon

There’s a Dragon In the Moon
Matt Zurbo

Everybody knows there’s a man in the moon.
In the moon,
passing soon,
dancing like a loon!

Fishing for space crabs, singing a tune!
Everybody knows there’s a rabbit on the moon!
A rabbit, a rabbit!
Boing, boing, boom!
A rabbit in the moon,

getting shoulder rides from baboons!
Everybody knows there’s a dragon on the moon!
A Chinese dragon,
in a wagon!
Breathing moon dust,
dreaming of Saturn,

prowling through dark adventures and silky patterns.
Everybody knows there’s a monster in the moon.
Oh, aye, aye, aye!
With a headlights for an eye,
flagging ships passing by,

eating every anything that flies!

Or, at least so it tries…
And tries and tries and tries…
Everybody knows Bobby’s on the moon,
racing his tin car.
Watch, watch! Watch from afar,
Bobby dodging,
bumping, rattling near and far.

Swinging his net, to scoop falling stars!
Everybody knows the moon’s a balloon,
drifting across the Milky Way’s plume!
Steered by a cat and an owl,
while they argue most foul!

Scratch, claw and bite,
across the lonely night!

About what vest to wear, and which hat is right!
Everybody knows the moon’s made of cheese,
and itchy because
it’s covered in flees!

Scratch, scratch, scratch,

oh, ahh, ick!
All these moon fleas are making me sick!

Everybody knows
the moon has no light!
No light? Is that right?
It just reflects the sun’s might!

The sneaky, tricky sun,
having too much fun!

Giving us silver landscapes,
through which wild things run.
Everybody knows there’s a band on the moon!
It plays silly songs out of tune!
Zoom, poom,
choom, choom, choom!

Weird blips and bops,
and ziggerty-zots!

Only ever heard
by gloomy little tots!
And the man in the moon,
and Chinese dragon, and rabbit,
with its bad breeding habit,
and monster and Bobby, who needs to use the potty,

and the owl and the cat, who had another spat,

and the fleas, and the band, who deserve a big hand,

all dance on the moon’s dark side,
happy to slide,
along with its romantic tide!
Not many know I gone to the moon,
and will again soon!

Walk across it’s barren might,
feeling safe and right,
within the heart of the night.

When life acts like I fell,
into a prison cell!
When people shout and yell,
so much my brain swells,
as if struck by a bell,

well, well, well…

the moon is there to sooth me,
to make life less gloomy.

Everybody knows the moon is a face,
winking at us all,
from outer space!


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