Covid 19 Activities

To everyone in these troubled times!

The Covid 19 virus is forcing most children to stay at home. I hope one of the few positives to come out of this horrible situation will be, with us all trapped in our abodes,  an avalanche of creativity, from parents, from kids, from musicians and storytellers! Hopefully, Cielo can do its bit.

Almost every one of the 370 stories to date comes with art direction. They are perfect for either a child to draw, for siblings to draw a page each, for a class to draw a page each, or for kids to draw with their parents. (Younger kids can simply pick their favourite character from a story and draw that – I got a killer image sent to me of Monster Pants!) 

Drawing stories teaches kids illustration, storytelling, communication and imagination! Some of the stories in Cielo are short some are complex and long. Some are as simple as counting books from 1 to 10. There is something in here for every single child to teenager, if you brows. and it’s ALL FREE! 

Just recently, an Austrian university took up Cielo for classes with their future kindergarten teachers in storytelling (and translation). 

Please, by all means, tell any teachers, parents, librarians or day care workers you know about the potential of this sight for both education and entertainment during a lockdown, that will not cost you or the kids a cent. If I can, I might even Skype read a few stories to classes on request and do a brief Q&A before they draw one.

Remember, even though I am a professional writer, I wrote 365 stories in 365 days as a gift to my little girl, and, as such, to all kids. 

Imagination and wonder will ALWAYS lead to a better world.

Meanwhile, I have been writing lots, of course, in various fields. I will post some more kids stories, as always for free, over the days and weeks ahead. I hope they help. I hope you enjoy.

Stay safe, love to all.

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