Bonus 8: Cross Eyed Bum

Cross Eyed Bum
Matt Zurbo

Hi Cielo readers!

I hope all is well in your worlds! As a part of a talk for the Hong Kong Literary Festival, I have recorded a fun, silly kids song and done a film clip! (Just click on the link below). Yes, that’s me in the yellow shirt. And Cielo! More stories soon.

I hope you enjoy!

Matt x

Cross Eyed Bum

5 thoughts on “Bonus 8: Cross Eyed Bum

    1. Matt,

      I just stumbled across you while searching, “what authors write a book a day”! I ♥️ this video. It reminded me when I was little and would sing silly songs with my dad. If he were still here I know he would be sharing this way too. Thank you for your ♥️ and inspiration! Cielo is beautiful and very lucky to have a father that’s so much fun!



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