Bonus 21: Have You Ever…?

Have You Ever Wanted?

Matt Zurbo


Have you ever wanted to hurt?

Have you ever needed to cry?

Even if you didn’t exactly know why?

Have you ever needed,

deep, deep down, to feel?

To skip with joy,

just to know you’re real?

Have you ever wanted to build something,


you have no idea what?

Build something grand,

right there on the spot!

Have you ever had the urge to laugh?

While sitting in class, on a bus, or in a bath?

To giggle and chuckle and crow?

Even if freezing out in the snow?

Have you ever felt a yearning to float?

To spiral and weave,

as if the world was your mote?

Do you ever want to sigh?

Sigh mightily, sigh softly,

as the world passes by?

Oh, oh dear, oh me!

To laugh and cry and sigh.

Oh, my…! Oh my…!

Have you ever felt lost?

Or the need to be lost?

To be safe on a boat,
wobbling, without direction,

for once not being bossed?

Have you ever felt need?

Need, oh need!

To plant a thousand ideas,

like a thousand seeds?

Have you ever felt like

it’s a big world out there?

And so much of it just isn’t fair?

That too few people seem to care?

Have you ever felt mighty,

impossibly strong,

for the simple joy

of singing a song?

Has wonder ever totally

consumed your heart?

Excited at the thought

of where magic might start?

Do you ever just want to

shout, shout, shout!

Find a way to let all your emotion out?

Well, guess what?

There’s no need to despair.

There are millions,

just like you,

just like me,

out there.

So feel, hurt, shout,

Hug a tree, run about!

Be happy, full of joy,

Celebrate life

be you girl, be you boy.




10 thoughts on “Bonus 21: Have You Ever…?

    1. That’s great B, let me know how you go, please? I’m always curious how these stories designed for illustrations go without any. Have you ever… is a great concept for a kid’s book!! Matt

      Liked by 1 person

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