Bonus 22: Ladybug

Matt Zurbo

(Girl walking to school, a bit down, other kids boisterous around her.)

If a ladybug landed in front of me, I’d stare at it for hours.
(Girl sitting under tree watching ladybug on long blade of grass. Other kids in background playing boisterous games.)

I’d imagine things.
(Girl and ladybug the same size. Girl holding on as she hangs off blade of grass ladybug is standing on.)

We’d talk all day while it flew us this way and that.
(Girl, happy, on back of flying ladybug.)

If I was friends with a ladybug I’d help it dodge magpies and spiders and all sorts of stuff!
(Ladybug flying up, startled, while girl swinging from its leg, as they dodge birds, lizards, spiders, a kid and his net.)

If a ladybug and I were the same size we’d hang out (in a tree) and talk about our dreams.
(Ladybug sitting on leaf with girl leans back on branch, arms behind head, leg dangling.)

I’d tell it I dreamed of being a ladybug! And that it was a dragon!
(Girl red with black dots. Dragons red with black dots and ladybug wings.)

And that everybody was happy because ladybugs were everywhere!

If I was friends with a ladybug, it might tell me it dreamed of being my size.
(Girl startled/happy at ladybug that is her size, boisterous kids running away.)

Imagine that!
(Girl and ladybug dancing to stereo.)

We’d enter races with other creatures and their friends and their dreams.
(Girl flying on back of ladybug racing boy on back of gecko, twins on dragonfly, other girl on giant goldfish leaping from water, and boy giving a wombat a shoulder ride. All of them happy.)

And have tea parties…
(Everybody having a great tea party on a blanket in the long grass.)

And play…
(Girl with blindfold on, reaching out as others laugh and run from her.)

And decide who was prettier; a ladybug or a butterfly or a snail,

knowing the answer is ALL OF THEM!

If I was friends with a ladybug we’d watch the oncoming storm.
(Ladybug small again, on girl’s shoulder as they watch a big, dark storm approaching.)

I’d use my body to shield it from the wind.
(Girl looks massive as she shields ladybug.)

If I was friends with a ladybug, saying good-bye would be sad.

(Ladybug, small again, flying off finger of girl)

But I would watch it go, being a ladybug…
(Ladybug flying among other ladybugs.)

And be glad!
(Girl smiling under tree, boisterous games still going on behind her.)

The End

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