Bonus 23: Being Nice

Being Nice
Matt Zurbo

Here I am, just walking ‘round,
a friendly smile for all in town,
A wave to all who come my way,
on this lovely blue sky day.

Just me, me, myself and I,
then I see my Dad walk by!
Poor ol’ Pop, people do stare,
because his gut is way out there!

Hey, ho! Here comes Mum!
Join with us and have some fun!
Don’t be slow, Mum,
run, run, run!

No, I’m not bothered you’re small!
I don’t give a damn at all!
Every mum is kind of neat,
even a mum with little feet!

Look! Look! There’s my dog Spot!
A pet I like a real, real lot!
Come and join my large Dad,
and small Mum, and make us glad!

Blah, pfft, I don’t sightly care,
if your farts give you a scare!
Ignore all who point and stare,
You make me happy, SO THERE!

Woh, hey, here’s my sister, Sal!
Who’s bad breath is so foul,
it could knock out a passing owl!
Who’s face is always in a scowl!

Don’t listen to them, they’re not fair!
Keep your chin high in the air!
Come join Dad, with all his weight!
And tiny Mum, who’s small but great!
And my dog Spot, who’s scared of farts!
Frightened of its own body parts.

Yo, yo! Stop! I mean WOH!
There’s my best friend, Bobby Toe!
Daydreaming from morn’ ’till night,
watch his imagination take flight!

Tell us all what’s on your mind?
The wonder that most leave behind!
Show us Fibberty Figits, your Wobbly Woos!
Your flying, sighing Zibberty Zoos!

The other kids? Feh! Let them laugh!
Leave them on their boring paths.
They will never know such fun,
as Dinkles donking in the sun!

Splibbers, Moips, to inspire Dad,
Quimbles to then make Mum glad!
Chombles, Wombles so Sal might smile!
And stop my dog farting a while!

Valoops, Ballops, and the rest,
none of us perfect at best.
Watch us all walk down the street,
with big smiles that can’t be beat!

Oh, woh…

What do you mean, NO?

Why do you say “Stop!”?
That, “We should go?”

“Hey, wait!” cries Lucy Lu,
“You lot are FUN, I’m with you!”
“Yes, yes!” agrees Awkward Pete,
and Armin with his big feet!

And Silly Sue, who math defeats,
and Bobo, who likes daggy beats!

A butterfly who can only walk,
a mime who can’t help but talk!
A big bear who’s ROAR is a squeak,
a silly bird with silly beak!

A large Dad, a small Mum,
a dog who’s fart makes her run!
A dreamer friend, a grumpy Sis,
are you getting the gist of this?

A half blind girl, and awkward boy,
a cat mistaken for a toy!
And you and I,
Oh what joy!!

To join our gang, there’s one small price,
to try to greet each other nice.

The End


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