Bonus 31: A Parent’s Tale

A Parent’s Tale 
Matt Zurbo

If I could, I’d give you my heart,
let it sprout wings,
fly us, free,
into a wonderful new start.

Where there are no bullies,
and dinner’s not a chore,
where loneliness never once knocked
on anybody’s door.

If I could, I’d let you hurt, let you feel,
let you know,
with my ears,
all your emotions are real.

We’d turn one into a sail,
the other a boat,
sail away, forever,
finding adventure,
over ocean’s we’d float.

If I could, I’d give you my voice,
for when you’re too shy,
or feel you’ve got no choice.

We’d shout from the rooftops,
to all who do wrong,
singing happy songs.

If I could,, I’d hug you in bad weather,
give you arms that stretch out,
for ever and ever.

We’d swing up to the moon,
use them as a hammock,
and if bad thoughts came,
they’d protect us from panic.

With those arms I gave you,
we’d embrace the world,
hug every adult,
every boy,
every girl.

If I could, I’d give you my feet,
let them take you to lands
kind of weird,
kind of sweet.

If I could, I’d give you my eyes,
to embrace all the places
my imagination lies.

The awkward, the different,
the unusual, too,
would have a safe haven
in me and in you.

If I could, I’d give you all of my love.
Every bit, every treat,
every sigh,
every hug.

All of my strength,
my victories, too.

We’d hang out, having fun,
just me

and just you.

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